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Web application for an online-school

Launching online-school project
AWS, React, Node
About the client

A talented and enthusiastic entrepreneur from the US applied for our assistance in launching her online-school project. Despite having both the future website backend and frontend nearly finished by the previous team, there was no integration between them. Moreover, due to the new design features the frontend required additional attention too.


Main challenge and our solution

To proceed with this project  we have rewritten the legacy backend code, making it acceptable for integration with recently developed frontend. We created new design features and implemented them in the existing basis.


  • Rewrite backend
  • Connect backend with new frontend
  • Add new features and third-party integrations
Results we delivered
  • We rewrote the backend of the application

  • We adjusted frontend according to the new UI

  • Connected fronted and backend properly

The integrations we made:

– Twilio communication services
– Stripe paying instrument
– Wistla video hosting
– Fastly CDN for data loading acceleration
– Amplitude analytics


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