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Web application development for procurement platform

How outsourcing an MVP helped a fintech company secure its round
Django, Hubspot API, Stripe, Angular
About the client

Constrafor – procurement platform for construction companies. Constrafor connects general contractors
and sub-contractors to help manage projects documentations. The platform allows to work with insurance policies, contracts from creating and co-edition to signing, and invoices. Constrafor provides two type of profiles (user’s and company’s), mailing and diversity certificates. Our current task is to improve functionality of platform’s modules according to users’ requests and priorities.

Main challenge and our solution

The customer came to us after a negative experience with a freelancer implementer. The customer’s top priority was steady but flexible development, which the previous freelancer couldn’t provide.
Secure the next round of funding.


  • On the 1st stage we built demo-versions of platform functionality.
  • Our 2nd stage was focused on improving the project according to user requests and feedback.
Results we delivered
  • COI module for managing the main types of insurance policies valid throughout USA.

  • Contract module enabling document templates creation with option for co-editing functionality and electronic signatures.

  • Invoices module for making payments through Plaid and Stripe software and APIs.

  • Invoices factoring to facilitate subcontractors getting paid by general contractors on approved invoices even if they are not yet paid.

  • Diversity module allows for locating subcontractors of a requested group (for example, small-scale business, businesswomen, veterans, LGBT communities, etc.).

  • We also developed a controlled access system which granting users limited access permissions to relevant platform sections based on their roles or expertise.

Working on Constrafor project, we used Angular for the frontend and Django for the backend. We used Agile and Scrum methodologies to ensure we executed our work successfully.

We also made some integrations:

  • with Plaid and Stripe for online payments
  • with PubNub for messages and notifications
  • with HubSpot for chat. 
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