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Speed Networking - communication web service

Platform to connect people for fast and beneficial experience exchange
Event management
Project overview

Speed networking - platform, to connect participants of online and offline events. Smart algorythm helps to connect people with common interests. This platform is especially useful to exchange experience with collegues within different business unities of an enterprise or related domains.
The key concept of the patform is a speed and networking, so people are able to get benefits from communication in a short period of time. It is possible to adjust the amount of time which participants should spend on networking. Also in case of non-show up or durable collegue absence, algorythm will offer a replacement.
On the dashboard you can track the number of matches during the event and estimate the speaker.

Perfect tool to cooperate with great people with useful knowledge.

Emphasoft engagement:

Emphasoft has joined the project with 8 people on board.

Project Manager -1 
Back-end -2
Front -end

UI, UX Design - 

QA - 1

It is important to say that from the very begining client gave the idea of a product and the technical request to the product.

  • MVP > March 2020- December 2021
  • Production > June 2022- Present time
Technologies we used:
  • Python Django + REACT - for front and backend.

  • MySQL
and Postgres - for data managing.

  • Twilio API - for messaging, calling and in-app communication.

  • PubNub - for working with real-time data over the Internet., including instant messaging, video and audio streaming.

  • Integration with Google services.

  • Flasphoner - web call server for streaming video.

  • Mailgun for email notifications automation.

Key features of the product:


  • Lobby room with special markers, opportunity to chat online with automatic page update.
  • Dashboard for organisers and participants - to calculate the number or matches, the conversion into valuable matches, overall time spent for meetings and the rating of people you have metworked with.
  • Event filtering system - opportunity to find the event in accordance to your preferences and location (for offline event managment)
  • Smart matching algorithm will offer you the best matche, adjust duration of networking rounds and will choose a replacement if your co-networker does not show up.
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