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Therapass - smart platform to connect a therapist and a patient.

Professional application development for healthcare industry
Project overview

Therapass provides convenient access to medical services anytime and from anywhere in the world via the internet, making quality healthcare accessible and convenient for everyone.

Web application with intuitive interface, convenient navigation, and simple service booking process.

Application interacts with various third-party services or APIs, such as payment systems, content management systems.

Technologies used:

  • Front-end: JavaScript REACT
  • Back-end: Python framework Django 
  • Database: PostgreSQL

Key feature to be realesed:

  • The structure of a web application with two cabinets and two user roles
  • Role-based authorization: Each user will be assigned a specific role (client or therapist) determining their access to various functions and data within the system
  • Client and doctor cabinets
  • User management: Creation, editing, and deletion of user accounts.
  • Data management: Viewing and managing data, access to administrative information, and system settings.
  • Access to personal data: Viewing and editing user's personal information.
  • Various application functions such as content creation and viewing, messaging, rating system
  • Integration with payment system (Stripe)
  • Integration with Twillio, Sendgrid (for communication automation)
  • Mini advertising cabinet - the ability for a doctor to create cards offering discounts on service packages within their cabinet
  • Big Data optimization of filters and indexing
Emphasoft engagement:

Emphasoft team: 6 people

  1. Project manager 

  2. Front-end developer (2)
  3. Back-end developer (2)
  4. Design 

Emphasoft embarked on product development at the MVP stage. Over the span of a year, a dedicated team of 6 developers successfully engineered and deployed a comprehensive application. The web-based platform boasts an adaptive design and an intricate search and filtration system accommodating over 20 parameters. To optimize application performance, a sophisticated filter indexing mechanism leveraging Big Data technology was implemented

  • Development of MVP: January 2022 - April 2022
  • Refinement: April 2022 - October 2022
  • Beta-testing: October 2022 - February 2023
  • Production: February 2023 - April 2023
Key results:
  • Web application front-end + back-end

  • Integrations with payment system and CRM

  • Elaborated filtering system (sorting by premium profile, license)

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