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Sourcefit - smart management platform for business

Development of complicated web-applications
Human resource management
Project overview

Sourcefit - is a management and collaboration software for an enterprise. Platform helps to track employees activities, tasks, communiaction with clients. It is a perfect tool to agreagate many business processes. Sourcefit has a sophisticated dashboard module, which is a must for data-driven companies.

Project includes 12 different modules, which comply the practices of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

A module for project planning, an analogue of Jira with Gantt charts was developed by our team.
Module for creating tickets (support)
Module with spreadsheets with smartblocks. Similar to and partly Google Sheets.
Text chat (self-written) and video chat integrated with Twilio
The Dashboard module integrated in other modules such as: HR Hub, Weaves, Projects

Emphasoft engagement:

Emphasoft has joined the project in 2022, by the time clint had 14 people in developer team on board.

Emphasoft strengthened the team with 

back-end - 5 

front-end -4

Development team lead -1

Devops engineer -1

  • Project audit
  • Release 1.0
  • Release 2.0
  • Release 3.0 - August 2024
  • Release 4.0 - November 2024
Key results:

The project has still been developing.

During the period a lot of new features were added and will continuously integrate and deliver new featurs.
12 different modules were integrated in the software.

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