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Private web and mobile browser

The browser that provides strong data security.
Node, ReactJS, HTML/CSS, Swift
About the client

The browser that provides strong data security. Unlike other search engines, the tool protects personal information by not monitoring user activity or selling user data to third parties. This browser helps users to maintain ownership of their data, providing less intrusive internet searches without annoying advertising banners. It makes it easy for everyone to browse on the web privately.

Main challenge and our solution

There were many tasks to perform, which we addressed through brainstorming, analysis of possible solutions, and constant communication with the customer representative. The project divided into 4 subprojects:

  • Web-browser
  • Mobile app
  • Analytics data collection and it's visualization
  • Advertising effectiveness dashboard
Results we delivered
  • Complete redesign of the web app UI

  • Mobile application created from scratch

  • Refactored and completely redesigned node.js application to collect and visualize analytical information

  • Optimized dashboard for tracking ad effectiveness

We used HTML/CSS, React.js, jQuery, Swift, Node.js. to develop the browser.

  • We developed an MVP to present the product to investors
  • Proposed MVP was totally approved and company secured it's next investment round
  • Currently, we are in the process of bringing the product to market
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