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Create, edit, search, extract, automate, and maintain your data
Database Solutions
Give your clients a seamless self-service and support experience
Customer Portal Software
Execute multiple functions within
the finished product
Embedded Software
Ensure that your product is of the highest possible quality
Testing and QA
Provide effective and efficient project
Professional DevOps and project management
Deliver high user acceptance and engagement rates of your product
UI/UX Design
Apply innovations to manage organizational processes
Corporate Systems
Create a perfect application to make your business strive
Web Аpplications
Provide a user-friendly way to better engage with your business
Mobile Аpplications
Web development for startups – technical solutions
We are ready to begin
your project within 3 days
No delays and no bottlenecks in decision-making chains. We respond immediately to customers' requests.
Our deep experience in science-intensive industries gives us insight into your specific needs
Industrial expertise
Pre-seed & Series A Startups
Real Estate
Security/Data verification
We emphasize the latest tech implementation in creating easy customer applications and developing reliably secure corporate systems. Explore the services that made us a trusted, industry-recognized solution provider to growing businesses.
Case studies
Procurement platform for construction companies
The platform allows to work with insurance policies, contracts from creating and co-edition to signing, and invoices.
Working on Constrafor, we used Angular for the frontend and Django for the backend. We also made some integrations:
  • with Plaid and Stripe for online payments
  • with PubNub for messages and notifications
  • with HubSpot for chat
We used Agile and Scrum methodologies to ensure we executed our work successfully.

Retail Startup
Shopic Technology Ltd. helps grocers extend the advantages of online shopping to their physical stores by offering smart cart solution, a promotions engine, and store analytics.
We used React.JS, HTML/CSS, PyWebView while working on Shopic's projects.
Emphasoft's team created a completely new design of the app for supermarkets devices and developed a new design of the web application for supermarkets.
The platform organizes a series of one-on-one (online video or in-person) meetings to help business professionals extend their business network and find new targeted contacts.
The client had an old legacy system designed for in-person events only. We developed from scratch the new system designed specifically for online video events.
For creating the platform, we used Python for Backend and Algorithm, React.JS for Frontend. In order to implement all the requested features we integrated with several external services:
  • Twilio (for video chat and sending out SMS)
  • PubNub (for text messaging between users)
  • Mailgun (for sending emails)
  • Google Calendar API (for calendaring and meeting appointments)
Online video and in-person speed networking events
Why Startups choose us
We can take your project at the early pre-seed stage and bring it to millions of investments
We bring your idea to a business with a million-dollar turnover.
From an idea to the market
Work schedule of our teams adjusted to client time zones. There is always someone on the Emphasoft side to help you 24/7
Customer Focus
We know how difficult it is to quickly find a development team. We handpick a dedicated team for your project in the shortest period of time.
Easy Set Up
We seamlessly integrate with your team and truly become part of it and not just another dev shop. Our team's dedication and strong work ethic make it easy and efficient for us to collaborate with you.
Quickly expanding your team
We support founders on their journey from pre-seed to multi-million dollar capital
Our Process
We get to know your idea from head to toe and create a comprehensive brief for the project.
Collect requirements, draw up technical specifications
Examine your project/product vision from a business standpoint.
Approve work plan, budgets, and deadlines
Contract a support agreement (optional)
Deliver the project and all related materials
Begin development of your project (with the possibility of remote monitoring)
Contract execution
Our Skills & Technologies
Java / Node.JS / Python
Angular.JS / React.JS / Django
NLP, AI, ML, Big Data, IoT, AR
HTML/CSS, jQuery, Swift
Integration with services
Software development
AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
Kubernetes, Docker, Puppet
CI/CD: Bitbucket, Jenkins
Dev Ops team
Jira / Confluence
CI/CD BitBucket / Gitlab / Jenkins
Agile, Scrum, Kanban methodologies
Fluent English
Project management
Last year we helped
products to reach the market goal
startups to secure next round investments
new SaaS services to launch successfully
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