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Improvement of the fitness mobile app

Turnkey solution for professional fitness app
About the client

Recomposer is the world's most advanced body recomposition software. The service applies the scientific method to diet and training for radical muscle gain and fat loss. We’ve been tasked to renew a solution for professional fitness to make it more efficient and trouble-free operation.


Main challenge and our solution

When we started to work on Recomposer, the project was conceived as a fitness web-system to help trainers and clients with blueprinting and tracking personal progress. As we added new functions and large volumes of data, we were motivated to change the platform’s architecture and implement our own data use approach.

We had to do the following tasks:


  • Improve the speed of the application to account for the varying speeds of users' internet connections.
  • Fix the periodic breakdowns end-clients often encounter
Results we delivered
  • We rewrote the application using Django and React. We optimized the new iteration by recreating the behavior of previous one and corrected it.

  • Tighter rules of communication between the front and the back-end were put in place, reducing the number of breakdowns.

  • Request sizes were reduced and page openings accelerated accordingly.

  • For pages transferring a large amount of information, we used gzip technology to increase speed.

  • Database artifacts were fixed

  • Increased request speed

  • The new project is compatible with the previous one, providing a smooth transition in development.

  • We are currently migrating MongoDB to PostgreSQL.

The turn-key solution created by our team consists of a web application and mobile application for iOS and Android. The benefits it facilitates differ for athletes and trainers.


For trainers

  • Streamlining the interaction with clients
  • Information support regarding nutrition programs, caloricity, sets of exercises, etc.
  • Handy and smart constructor for individual food or training programs

For athletes

  • Setting personal goals
  • The exercise plans are always accessible
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Knowledge base about health, proper nutrition, and physical training
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