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Staff management, data collection, aggregation, visualisation

Effective time management for a green corporation
Project overview

Client is a sustainable agriculture and a healthy nutrition producer.
It was important for a client to miximize the effectiveness of staff mamagement since company have been growing in the number of employees and the workload. Effective time management is a key to business success. 
Company offers employees a future-proof, long-term commitment, so corporate management platform became a must.

Emphasoft engagement:

Emphasoft joined the project in 2022. Client provided a description of the fuctions he wanted Emphasoft to implement. 
It was important to make a plaatform scalable to any number of employess in the future.

  • Refinement: March 2022 - December 2022
  • Production: December 2022 - January 2023
  • Maintenance and support: January 2023 - Present time
Technologies we used:
  • Time management and recording

  • Data-driven solution for agricultural industry

  • Visualisation of reports

For web application development we usually choose Pyton and React
For Data Storage and collection AWS services were used.
Third party integrations: with Plaid, Stripe, PubNub, HubSpot for chat

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