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Our staff augmentation services

Augment your team with the best engineers to deliver your project on time.


Short-term staff augmentation services 

This option is suitable for urgent hiring of technical specialists for a short-term. You can strengthen your project with a ready-made team or highly-skilled individual specialists (engineers, developers, testers, etc.) within a week.

Long-term staff augmentation services

This option is suitable for you if you have a long-term project or you want to release an MVP, but you find it difficult or impossible to hire an in-house staff member. With Emphasoft, you get an engineer or a ready-made team with the necessary hard and soft skills.

Strengthen your existing project with skilled developers

Augment your existing team with additional talent to meet project deadlines. Within a week, we will build a custom team for you with a diverse set of skills to meet the needs of your business.

Software development partner transition

You want to change technology partner, but are afraid that this may slow down the launch of your product? We will help you to make smooth and efficient software development partner transition and take over your project in the middle of your journey.

Dedicated Teams

For startups with a single founder who need to make the proof of concept, or design an MVP to show the investors. We will assign you a team of experienced engineers and a project manager to launch your project from scratch. Engineers are not allocated to other projects or accounts.

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Our staff augmentation process


Benefits of our team augmentation services for founders

  • Gain the freedom to focus on the business side of things and leave the rest to the software development company.

  • Access to talent. We have a unique pool of talent consisting of rare and niche specialists, as well as highly experienced resources with expertise in general areas.

  • Access to IT consultancy. Emphasoft has tons of experience and knowledge that can serve your startup or business well.

  • Time savings. You get a quick turnaround when a group of experienced professionals is involved. Plus, Emphasoft can start working on your project within just a few days.

  • Cost savings. You don’t go through hiring and onboarding. There are no benefits and medical insurance to cover, no office rent, and utility bills. We take care of it all.

  • Building a long-term partnership with the outsourcing agency. Even if you end up hiring an in-house development team, you can still hire niche specialists who you might only need for a few months, when full-time employment doesn’t make sense.


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