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We have a full stack team

We have a full stack team

We are flexible to provide developers who can code in any language and can help you to choose the best stack for fast and proper delivery of your project right on time

We provide infrastructure

We provide infrastructure

Application infrastructure can be on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both. The trend towards using cloud-based infrastructure services (like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure) is also known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), while using platform services (like AWS Lambda, Google App Engine, Azure Functions) is called Platform as a Service (PaaS).

We help with release in app store

We help with release in app store

Releasing in app store can take months Since you need to create an iOS distribution, Create an App Store Connect record for your app, If you're submitting a paid app, you'll need to sign a contract that covers the terms of payment. Emphasoft can help to speed up this processes

We are ready to start your project within 3 days

Features of Swift

  • Safety and Readability

    Swift's syntax is designed to be clear and concise, making it more intuitive to those familiar with languages like JavaScript, Python, and C++. It also includes several features to make your code safer, such as optional types and value binding, which make null pointer references impossible.

  • Performance

    Swift is a type-safe language, which means the language helps catch and fix errors during compile time. The type inference feature means you don’t have to manually assign types to every piece of data in your code.

  • Interoperability with Objective-C

    You can use Swift and Objective-C in the same project, allowing for easier adoption of the language in existing projects. Swift comes with modern features like generics, closures, and type inference that make the code faster.

  • Memory Management

    Swift uses Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), a form of garbage collection, for efficient memory management. ARC works across both procedural and object-oriented code, ensuring that memory usage is efficient and enhancing app performance.

  • Open Source

    Swift is open source, which means its source code is available to the public, and developers can contribute to its development. Swift has a feature known as 'Playgrounds' that allows programmers to test out a chunk of code or algorithm without having to create a whole new program.

  • Protocol-Oriented Programming

    Swift is a programming language developed by Apple Inc. for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS app development. It also supports functional programming and encourages protocol-oriented programming, which leads to more extensible, flexible, and reusable code.

Our health technology development use cases

Harnessing our deep industry experience and world-class technical, design, and strategic capabilities, we empower you to deliver not just a product, platform, or system, but a distinct competitive advantage


user-friendly mobile eCommerce app for a growing retail client

REQUEST: extending the client's reach, enhancing customer engagement, and simplifying online purchases.
OVERVIEW: client already had some legacy systems built with Objective-C. Swift allowed us to leverage existing code and ensure smooth integration with older components.
SOLUTION: Swift uses the LLVM compiler, which includes a wide range of optimizations that make your programs run faster. The compiler is capable of making sophisticated decisions on how to optimize code, leveraging static analysis and just-in-time compilation.


Air quality monitoring solution

Atmo air quality monitoring solution
INDUSTRY: Wellness
CLIENT: Сomplete and reliable solution for complex air quality monitoring in private, public, and commercial buildings.
ENGAGEMENT WITH EMPHASOFT: 5 months. 4 engineers and 1 QA.
RESULTS WE DELIVERED: We rewrote the entire application in Swift, made all the testing, created dashboard and alerts.

Swift VS Objective-C


  • Semicolons required
  • Types must be declared
  • Header files
  • Pointers
  • KVO and custom setters


  • Types are inferred
  • Functions are first class objects
  • Collections are typed using generics
  • Simpler string manipulation
  • Memory is managed automatically

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