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Physician AI and scribe system

New era patient care management system
Angular, Ansible, AI, NLP, ML, AR, Django, Python
About the client

AdviNow Medical - is SaaS Physician Artificial Intelligence Augmentation and Scribe System. They use artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to completely automate the medical patient encounter and enable doctors to work at the top of their license. Both the patient and doctor experience are augmented with AI and AR to nearly eliminate repetitive tasks and allow the doctor to focus only on the decision of diagnosis, treatment and the patient consult.

Main challenge and our solution

The task was to develop patient care management system that make standard healthcare operational processes more automated and allow care providers to focus on treatment and avoid the administrative routine. Client aimed to supply providers with a virtual assistant to automate inherent stages of the medical consultation process. 

  • Deploy all the innovative telemedicine functions for automating the medical attendance process
  • Web-app backend and frontend development,
  • Expanding the NLP knowledge base for improving the AR-powered diagnostic algorithm
  • UI/UX design of the platform
  • DevOps processing
  • Developing of telemedicine functions
Results we delivered
  • Machine Learning algorithms development

  • Web-app backend and frontend development

  • Expanding the NLP knowledge base for improving the AR-powered diagnostic algorithm

Emphasoft engineers together with company specialists developed an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to:

  • Collect the patient data
  • Diagnose the illness depending on symptoms
  • Collect medical vitals during the AI-supported visit to a Medical Station
  • Offer the treatment
  • Guide the patient towards the optimal care

This technology has been integrated by Emphasoft engineers with the framework, created for connecting the AI-algorithm with patients, providers, and medical stations within the whole network, accessible from any device.

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