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88% of global respondents expect companies to have customer portals and 60% of consumers in the US prefer to work with self-service software

Top functionality for your customer portal

Logging support tickets

Tracking support tickets

Knowledge base

Tracking orders

Pricing and invoices

Key benefits of customer portal development with Emphasoft

Our specialists will create a portal that aligns with your goals and vision and builds a community, strengthening the relationship between your customers and employees.

Autonomy to clients

There are many things that users can do themselves if companies give them the right tools. Customer portals enable clients to perform simple tasks when they want and save them the trouble of reaching out to the company’s representative over the phone or email.

Reduced workload for employees

The majority of client requests are typical, and they can easily be automated or resolved with the help of an FAQ. By empowering clients through a portal, you are also helping your staff optimise their workflows and focus on more creative and difficult requests that can be neglected when there is an overwhelming incoming flow of queries.

Increase in loyalty

Given that your customer portal is functional and convenient, it will inevitably deepen customers’ connection with the brand. When users feel that they have easy access to important information and can get adequate help in a timely manner, they become more loyal and stick to the brand.

Higher satisfaction levels with support transparency

If the portal has logging and tracking features for support tickets, clients can instantly see the stage their ticket is at and be confident their case is being worked. Should they have a concern, they can request an update directly in the portal. For the support team, having a convenient way to chat with clients means they can request additional information from them at any time, helping resolve issues much faster.

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What will you get by building a customer portal from scratch with Emphasoft

The customer portal features that you choose will depend on your niche, industry, and preferences. However, some aspects are universal and would be provided by our development team regardless:

  • High level of security

    Customer data safety is our absolute priority

  • Intuitive design

    No matter how functional the portal is, we make sure is user-friendly and nice looking

  • Customisability

    The portal has to have customisation potential. We create portals that can grow with your business, not limit or set you back

  • Integrations

    Who knows what tools you’ll want to use in the future? We make sure the customer portal software supports integrations

What will you get by building a customer portal from scratch with Emphasoft

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