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Emerging Mobile App Development Trends

It’s not surprising to anyone that mobile app development is constantly growing while finding new ways to influence how we interact with our smart devices and create trends in business, entertainment, and everyday life. 

Mobile internet passed PCs long ago as the preferred means of going online, and it is only getting more dominant as new users join the mobile marketplace. That's why, regardless of your industry, you should consider creating an app for your company. At the very least, you need to be familiar with mobile app trends — and we're here to help.

Today, we will look into the main emerging trends in mobile apps, and discuss how they will change the future of Android and iOS mobile application development.

Old trends that continue to boom and grow

Along with brand new trends, we also have old trends that have been with us for a while. Some of them momentarily disappear but then return thanks to one reason or the other. Let’s have a quick look at some of those older trends that are finding their feet again today. 

AI and ML 

AI stands for artificial intelligence and ML stands for machine learning. 

Both concepts have been widely praised and received generous funding over the years. AI has been a massive hit once introduced but had a bumpy road with some of its potential capabilities being limited by technology, regulation, or both. Machine learning has also been on everyone’s lips over the years, before dipping out of fashion only to make a notable return. 

Together, AI and ML can be applied across many industries, both in the public and private sectors. In education, technology powered by AI and ML can run automated checks on students’ work, grade them, and leave helpful comments. This is a very important innovation for curbing ever-rising education costs. 

Machine learning in services such as Spotify allows users to be wowed by great songs and playlists suggestions.  

In custom mobile application development, companies use AI and ML to analyse users’ data and behaviours, helping the company better serve their clients by providing them customised recommendations and tips. A great example of this would be banking mobile apps where an AI assistant helps out with financial recommendations. 


Blockchain technology has made a name for itself thanks to its use in crypto. However, blockchain is simply a way to store data securely and can be applied across all boards. Lately, conservative financial institutions, real estate agencies, and even art dealers have started to use blockchain to conduct secure deals for their clients. 


Chatbots have taken the world by storm. Relatively simple to build and roll out, they provide an immense spike in efficiency when working with clients. Chatbots take care of the first-line technical support queries, assist clients with orders and questions, and collect lead data for marketing. 

Chatbots allow companies to keep their costs under control, as once introduced, they can work 24/7 with little maintenance or updates. As a result, chatbots are among the top requests that custom mobile application development companies receive from their clients. 

As demands for instant assistance increases and clients’ patience decreases, chatbots will become even more widespread. 

New emerging trends in mobile app development 

Now, let’s look at the new emerging trends that are already reshaping the landscape of mobile app development.

Instant apps 

Instant applications are native mobile apps that are smaller in size and more user-friendly. What makes them stand out the most from the traditional apps is that they don’t need to be downloaded for users to access them. 

Instant apps are booming these days because they address several user pains: wait time during installation, large size taking up smartphone space, and user-friendliness. Especially in the developing markets where the bandwidth is lower and storage capabilities of local smartphones are limited, instant apps have become a real hit. 

Mobile payments

With many seeing smartphones as an extension of our hands, it is only natural we start paying and ordering everything via mobile apps. 

Thanks to the pandemic, a large portion of shopping shifted to online, and it looks as if much of it will stay online. This means that working on the mobile application development platform now has to include frictionless payment methods to make the process easier for users. It also means that more payment services, similar to Venmo, are likely to appear on the market.  

Enterprise mobile apps 

Enterprise mobile application development is on the rise now, as more companies switch to remote and hybrid work. Enterprise mobile apps are used by employees to access corporate systems anytime, anywhere. The app helps perform work duties, share company news, and keep track of KPIs. 

Foldable devices

Foldable devices were decades in the making, and they are finally starting to shake the market. Naturally, as they are very different from the standard, non-foldable smartphones, they have unique requirements for the mobile applications that have to be addressed in custom mobile application development services. 

The future of mobile app development 

There is no doubt that mobile application development services will be in high demand moving forward. With the world only going faster and people getting used to doing everything via their phones, the majority of businesses are expected to launch a mobile app, whether for internal work or to provide services to consumers. 

Anyone who is looking at creating their own custom mobile app needs to decide what is right for them - to outsource mobile application development or build the app in-house. Creating efficient and useful mobile apps takes expertise, time, and resources that many companies do not have. Outsourcing mobile application development with trusted partners, such as Emphasoft, can be a great way to save time, allowing you to focus on core business activities while leaving the app development to experienced professionals. However, if you feel as if your company has what it takes to create a unique mobile app in-house, that would allow you to maintain 100% control over the process and end result. 

As more and more apps are being developed daily, more of them will go unnoticed. To make a mobile app stand out, companies will have to do a lot of work in identifying and targeting their client’s needs while also making the app robust and user-friendly. Apps that address the pains, are fun to use, and are thoroughly marketed to end-users will be destined to succeed.

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