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2022 Framework Trends In Web Development

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Consumer preferences change while new trends in technology appear with better solutions. To keep being relevant in the market, your services need more than just a thriving online presence.

You must deliver your app solutions in time to meet market high demand. If your solution lacks the latest features used by competitors, looks outdated, or isn't available in time, you lose customers. Which could be damaging for your business. But to remedy this, you can employ a smart web development strategy by using web development frameworks. 

What Are Web Development Frameworks?

Frameworks are software that modulates system development and maintenance for developers. Frameworks have codes prepared to fix general programming tasks for developers.

Development frameworks ensure that developers or agencies don't have to scratch-code every task. Instead, they have a skeletal code structure on which they can implement features specified for their use-cases.

While scratch coding everything takes weeks or months, development frameworks make the process a lot faster. It also saves developers extra stress and you, startup resources.

In this article, we'd be looking at various frontend and backend framework trends in 2022. Stick around to find out!

Front End Development Frameworks

The Front end is the part of the applications that users can see and relate with. It is also known as client-side. The front end usually includes the Graphical User Interface of the website.

A front-end framework makes front-end software development easier. It provides the skeletal code on which you can build niche-specific front-end solutions. Here are examples of front-end development frameworks.

React JS

React js

At 40.14%, React was the most used web development framework in 2021. And it's not ready to back down. React is an open-source framework based on JavaScript programming language. It is mainly used to build the user interface and related features.

React JS architecture and features makes it one of the most usable frameworks. It can organize HTML documents in a tree structure. Thus, it's able to break down large components into bit-sized chunks and manage them individually. Besides, it allows updates to HTML files through virtual DOM to cut file redundancy.

Facebook owns and manages ReactJS. It's one of the best software for startups because it's easy to use and flexible. React projects include PayPal, Facebook, Tesla, Groupon, Microsoft, Instagram, Uber, Airbnb LinkedIn, eBay, Walmart, and Discord, amongst others.



Angular is also an open-source web development framework. Unlike React JS, it is based on Typescript and developed by Google. Angular is perfect for building scalable and enterprise-grade applications with different customizable features.

Angular is unique because of its scalable features. With Angular, you can build a single-page web app development solution. Then, over time,  you can scale such an app to a complex enterprise-grade system based on your use-case needs. Being a scalable solution makes Angular one the perfect services for startups

Angular can also be used to create, test-run, or modify code. Unicorns like Google, YouTube, Upwork, and Nike use the Angular framework.

Vue JS


Another JavaScript-based web development framework is Vue JS. Vue JS facilitates the creation of interactive and highly-adaptable user interfaces. It uses MVVM architecture that makes the handling of HTML file management more flexible.

Vue JS framework isn't as complex as Angular or React JS. Besides, it's easier to use, consumes less space, and is more simplified for beginners. It also supports scalability demands.

However, it's not very customizable to fit larger software demands. To scale higher, Angular is certainly a better alternative. Looking for frameworks that support many plugins? Vue JS isn't one.

For developers, it's easier to take Vue JS courses. Making it the perfect beginner framework. Vue JS's simplicity has made the framework adopted by many well-known software development companies and apps. Grammarly, GitLab, Netflix, Facebook, Reuters, Nintendo, Behance, and Alibaba are well-known users of Vue JS.


JQuery is a JavaScript cross-platform framework originally designed as a library for JavaScript. It is a feature-rich library that streamlines front-end HTML scripting. It also helps to add extra functionalities to websites. Its extensive features and versatility make it fit the bill of a framework.

It can handle different tasks including HTML file manipulation and transversal through the DOM tree. It also simplifies coding tasks including Ajax apps development, CSS animation, and event handling, amongst others. Plus, JQuery has a cross-platform API that makes it compatible with any browser. It also allows lots of plugins too.

18.6% of all websites worldwide including Udemy, IBM, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and JP Morgan currently use JQuery. But what makes it popular amongst developers?

  • Helps create interactive and dynamic websites
  • Creates SEO-friendly websites with brilliant effects
  • Ensures web pages load faster
  • Enhances visuals, navigation, and overall user experience


Back End Development Frameworks

Server-side development deals with everything related to background app functions. It includes the server, database, operating systems, etc.

So, back-end frameworks are tools that streamline the web design development of back-end web applications. They provide the basic code on which you build your system back end. Here are examples of server-side frameworks.


Django is a Python-based open source framework that is used to create and maintain complex websites. Even though it's easy to use, Django helps you build database websites loaded with features. Here are a few pros of using Django.

  • It uses a simplified framework that makes development easier and faster.
  • It has different juicy features. Some of its key attributes include
  • HTTP Libraries
  • Middleware support
  • ORM (Object Relational Mapper)
  • Python unit testing


Amongst others

  • It has arrays of user authentication features to provide the best security for your website.
  • It is highly scalable to large demands
  • It has excellent documentation features
  • The framework is flexible and versatile to meet each use case's demands. It can be used to develop brilliant apps in almost every niche.



Laravel is an open-source backend framework based on PHP. It uses the Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture to help simplify common development tasks like caching, authentication, routing, sessions, and caching, among others.

Laravel is one of the best backend frameworks out there. Its features include

  • Eases user authentication through a register, password reminders, etc.
  • Simple and streamlined
  • Supports scalability demands
  • It reuses components in other frameworks like Ruby On Nails and ASP.NET. Thus, it helps save time developing web applications.
  • Has 20 inbuilt libraries and modules to facilitate website development
  • Provides multiple back-end systems for sessions and cache storage

Websites built with Laravel include Invoice Ninja, Alison, Euromobil, October CMS, My Rank, etc.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a Ruby-based web application framework that adds back-end functionalities to front-end languages. It integrates client-side files like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create visually appealing web pages. While it requires far less code, it provides an insane amount of functionality compared to any other framework.

Developers use Ruby on Rails to create sophisticated web platforms that support a wide range of tasks. For complete web development software, RoR is perfect. It tries to put the most productive way of building a web app in place. It perfectly fits the following use cases

  • Sophisticated online stores
  • Starting a software company
  • Building SaaS solutions
  • Marketing platforms
  • Social Media sites

Well-known brands including GitHub, Kickstarter, Twitch, Shopify, and SoundCloud use Ruby on Rails. They see the solution to be

  • Easy to use, cost-effective solution that saves time and stress
  • Built-in security features to protect your websites
  • Flexibility: RoR had both frontend and backend abilities. You can choose to use both or either. Ie Ruby on Rails backend can be combined with front ends like Vue JS or Angular.
  • Helps web development agency develop extremely fast and productive solutions with far less coding.



Want to build a website? Then explore your options. What framework solution you adopt largely influences how your web application looks. So, it's important to adopt a web development framework that fits your use case like a glove. Wanna make the best framework choice for your website? Contact now to outsource software development tasks.


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