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How outsourcing an IT team can help a startup to grow

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In order to match the pace of changing technologies and customer needs, businesses constantly introduce innovative tools to make clients’ lives easier and simplify work processes. Today's highly competitive business environment often forces startups to generate new ideas, but many startups cannot survive on their own. What are they supposed to do when they don’t have the necessary funding to create an in-house IT department or lack the expertise yet? Outsourcing is a great way to expedite hitting project goals, grow the business, and increase its appeal to investors. 

Despite the strong performance of technologies and IT management, companies experience many difficulties finding the right IT outsourcer that will work well with their internal team. We would like to overview the main issues a startup may encounter when engaging an IT outsourcer.

Devolution of work process leadership

The first mistake that a company can make is to fully entrust the development process and its outcomes to an IT tech rep, or to a manager who lacks a technical background. There are many important details of workflow besides technical matters. For example, setting clear task, identifying business weakness, and protecting the growth potential of the project are all critical to whether a business succeeds. But an IT project requires strong development skills. This is the expertise of an outsource team’s leaders and project managers, who are focused on development while also looking to incorporate new ideas and anticipate changes in demand.

Adequate stage planning

The lack of attention to stage planning could result in the ready-made solution not being able to integrate with a company’s existing business processes or not meeting user requirements. On the other hand, too much planning may cause implementation delays, which can lead to project irrelevance and loss of competitiveness. Leveraging the experience of an IT outsourcer can help your startup address priorities efficiently without wasting time or resources.

Leaving space for project evolution

In addition to stage planning, growing startups must build space for refining IT solutions into their plan. An experienced developer from your outsource partner will be able to analyze and plan for further technical builds. Working in concert with the Startup leadership, the IT developer should adhere to the founder's business strategy to hit benchmarks and achieve critical metrics. We would also advise startups to look at IT companies that tailor their solutions to a project's unique demands. This provides a capacity to respond to global and local market changes. 

An ability to use analytics 

Another component critical to success is monitoring analytics in order to understand when business processes need to be modified or for pinpointing new ways to scale the project. A project requires someone who understands how to properly collect essential data and effectively evaluate proposed solutions. Your data collecting methodology should be addressed during stage planning with your outsource partner to ensure you have access to robust analytical tools at every step.

Is IT outsourcing too expensive for a startup?

Budget calculation is a key component of project planning. Startups often make two common mistakes when budget planning: they don’t take into account all the items of expenditure (for example cloud migration of the data), or they assume hiring an IT outsourcer isn't affordable. A professional IT team is always ready to provide appropriate solutions to startups with different budget constraints and notify about possible extra spending. 

Whether you are a pre-seed or a serious startup, you should look closely at an IT outsourcer's expertise when searching for project assistance because the growth of the project, its success, and its investment appeal will depend on the choice you make.



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