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31 days — 31 ideas. Creative Challenge

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Work in the IT industry is not always creative and fun. But in order to invent innovative projects, creative thinking needs to be fostered. Doing something unusual every day is the only way to develop creativity. With practice, we develop our skills, so it’s useful to turn it into a habit.  And don't say how busy you are. We are all working hard, trying to hit deadlines, spending time with the family, doing household chores, trying not to forget about friends. 

But even if you will manage to find some time for yourself, you can sit in front of a blank sheet for a long time without thinking of anything sensible. The main idea of art-challenges is so that generating ideas becomes a habit, not an excruciating pain. Over the next 31 days of January, Try to come up with something creative every day. 


For example:

1. Create an advertising poster for your favorite project. 

2. Imagine Microsoft and Starbucks coming together. Come up with 12 products that they could do.

3. Make a dream board. 

4. Arrange 1s and 0s to get your name (in code).

5. Write 12 associations with word ”sun”.

6. Create a non-standard use for a pencil. 

7. Come up with the some similarities between a carrot and a car. 

8. Engage in fine motor skills - peel pomegranates or do a puzzle. 

9. Draw a self-portrait in cubism style. 

10. Write a story about what you dreamed last night.

11. Create an Instagram account and post something every day until the end of the challenge. 

12. Create 12 taglines for an advertisement for snow.

13. Explain why you should be a monarch and set 12 laws of your state. 

14. Create a comic strip about your everyday life. 

15. You have a different vocation for the next 12 month. What do you do? 

16. Aliens exist. On the basis of this phrase, create a pros and cons list associated with each opinion.

17. Design a car to be released in 3020.  

18. Write a sentence where all words will begin with the same letter. 

19. Why is a banana yellow? Come up with 6 explanations of this fact. 

20. Take 12 selfies in unusual ways. 

21. Go to a museum and remember the names of all of the artists you like.

22. Imagine Apple and Coca-Cola coming together. Come up with 12 products that they could release.

23. Come up with the names of the days of the week if there were 12.

24. Make the "film" "one day in my life".

25. Come up with 12 subjects for your TED Talk.

26. Do you remember Instagram? Create 6 small videos today. 

27. Write a story there are no doors anywhere. 

28. Create 12 taglines for a Time Machine advertisement.

29. Try to describe colors with words. 

30. Think of 12 reasons to be a scientist. 

31. Try to remember everything that you have done in the last 30 days. Put all these actions on a sheet of paper and hang it by your desk.


After such a challenge, you will see that the fear of a blank slate has disappeared and it is not so difficult to come up with creative ideas every day.

Start new year creatively!



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