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Emphasoft’s Year In Review: challenges and achievements of 2020

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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic presenting unprecedented challenges, for Emphasoft 2020 was an eventful year. We worked on 59 interesting projects, created a lot of useful content and introduced some changes in our workflow.


We continued to actively develop our blog, which we launched at the end of 2019. Emphasoft posted 15 informative articles devoted to topics such as Project Management, Software Development, and Leadership. These were viewed by more than 4000 users. Our goal is to tell you about complicated processes in a plain and straightforward language understandable by business owners and managers, not just developers. We want all users to understand our development processes and be able to apply our tips in their work. We improved the Emphasoft website to make it more convenient and user-friendly, and add 10 fascinating cases which illustrate the results of our work with our partners and customers across the globe.


Our team grew considerably since the start of the year, and we now have 92 new members. This gives us the ability to carry out our work even faster and more efficient! Faced with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, we managed to promptly transfer all of our employees from office to remote work without a loss of their productivity. The team stays in touch via corporate chat and regular video conferences. We also use Jira for task management and discussing the projects’ work issues between different departments of Emphasoft. We deeply appreciate the great job our HR department did in motivating team members to develop new ideas and improve their professional skills while they were forced to work from home. Taking care of both the team and clients, Emphasoft made holiday greetings during 2020 to show our support and solidarity in this difficult period.


In 2020, we received 11 positive feedbacks from our clients working in banking, healthcare, security, fintech, real estate industries, etc. Customers highlight Emphasoft’s high standard of work, convenient communication, and our ability to deliver projects on time. Among the companies we created solutions for are:


– The patient healthcare management system, AdviNOW technology platform, for which our team developed a virtual assistant to automate the medical consultation process;


Сonstrafor, a procurement platform connecting contractors and suppliers of materials and equipment. For this project, we made front- and backend development to extend the functionality of the platform;


– Our team worked on Facebyte, the system for face recognition, using stack technologies. The task included creating a web application and integration to the client's backend.


This year Emphasoft also was involved in Kandji, Mati, Diabolocom and about 50 other projects beside them.


We also are very proud to share that the Emphasoft team received two significant awards. We were named the Top Development Partner in Russia for 2020 by Clutch и One of the Top Russian Mobile App Development Companies! These important events would not have taken place without the support of our lovely clients, who left us positive feedback and recommended us to their friends, and the hard work of our dedicated team. We are excited to receive such high praise from the technology community and achieve such great success!


We want to thank our specialists, clients, and partners for being with us this year. 2020 was quite tough for all of us and came with many hardships, but it has taught us much and helped inform ways we can improve.


Our Emphasoft team is glad we continued growing and developing robustly! We will embrace further progress and challenges in the coming year.



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