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Tips for making your mobile app stay successful and fresh

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Mobile apps have become the norm and most companies are now expected to have one. 

The mobile app development process is not easy, especially if you are just starting a software company and don’t have vast development experience or a team of talented in-house developers

App development can be handled in-house or you can outsource it, but regardless of whether you go with mobile app development outsourcing or hire an internal team to do the job, there are decisions you will be making that can affect the long-term success of your mobile app. 

To help you stay away from the common risks and mistakes, we’ve prepared a list of tips that will help you build a robust mobile app that will stay fresh and relevant even as time goes by.

yes Tip 1: Run a thorough audience analysis before the launch

If your business is a software startup, you’ve likely conducted a recent round of market research, so, another round of audience analysis for the mobile map might feel like overkill.

The truth is your audience behaves differently in various circumstances. Therefore, the things that work on your website, web version of the product, or in the physical store are not guaranteed to have the same effect when employed by your mobile app software. 

yes Tip 2: Monitor and analyse user behaviour in the app 

Behavioral analytics, such as the time users spend on the app, will provide insight into what clients prefer, what causes them to drop, and when they are most engaged. With the data in front of you, you can make informed decisions that will boost client retention and make promoting solutions and products through the app a much more efficient process.

If you have resources, conduct A/B testing to ensure you understand your clients’ needs correctly. 

yes Tip 3: Deal with bugs fast

No matter how many QA tests we do, bugs tend to slip through. If you learn about bugs in the app through internal team or customer reports, don’t postpone fixing them. Even the small, seemingly insignificant bugs can cause a lot of frustration and cost you customers. 

yes Tip 4: Pay attention to user experience

Don’t you love it when an interface is intuitive and makes the entire experience pleasant? Your customers love that too. So, don’t make them suffer and struggle with bulky outdated interfaces. If you build a mobile app that is a pain to use, clients will abandon it and won’t be likely to give it a second chance, despite a plethora of good reviews. 

The user interface is the first thing people notice when they log into your app. The second thing they notice is how convenient it is to navigate. Make sure the first impression is a good one.

yes Tip 5: The devil is in the details 

Polish the app and add little touches that will make your users smile or feel valued. It can be gamification or customisation tools that attract and keep clients in your app. 

Also, if your competitors use an unoptimised approach to one of the processes, make sure it’s improved and perfected in your app. 

yes Tip 6: Remember the reason  

Don’t build an app just for the sake of it. Fill it with useful functionality and make sure the app is as convenient to use as the alternatives. 

With so many options out there, users are not interested in apps that do not solve any problems. They will instantly spot the uselessness of your mobile app and delete it from their home screen. 

yes Tip 7: Don’t set it and forget it 

It’s not enough to outsource your mobile app to the software development company, receive a functioning app, launch it, and forget about it. 

First, new mobile devices are released on what feels like a weekly basis. Therefore, your app should be compatible with new resolutions and the latest technologies. We must remember how quickly things change. Users are very sensitive to outdated platforms, and they often ditch them for newer, trendy alternatives. This means that mobile app software development doesn’t stop and has to be continuously maintained to accommodate the latest user preferences.

yes Tip 8: Always think long-term 

At Emphasoft, we’ve done countless software development for startups, and what we see sometimes is that founders make decisions that work in the moment but can cause issues over the long term. 

When you begin building an app, the desire to finish it quickly can result in technological and functional compromises. We strongly recommend resisting the temptation to rush your app out the door because the costs of re-doing your app will end up much higher and the opportunity costs of retracing your steps can impact further innovation. 

yes Tip 9: It’s okay not to mirror the web version’s functionality completely

Some of the features are critical and should absolutely be copied to your app from the web version of the product. However, not every functionality adds value to your end-users in the mobile app. 

Select the key functionalities and implement it in the mobile app. Leave the rest for the web version. Later, if you see customer demand, you can expand your app and fill in the gaps. Fight the urge to cram as much as you can into the mobile version. Keep it simple and intuitive. 

yes Tip 10: Make your app inclusive

Accessibility should be one of the priorities when it comes to any mobile app development. Your app will be used by different people, and some of them will require voice-over services and text resizing options. Don’t make part of your target audience feel unwelcome.

yes Tip 11: Monitor what top mobile apps are doing

We don’t suggest copying others but staying on top of what market leaders are implementing or discontinuing will give you an insight into shifting user trends and ideas on how to adapt and upgrade your own mobile app. 

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