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SaaS product: features, benefits, and costs

Software as a service, also known as SaaS, is one of the fastest-growing and most popular IT phenomena in recent decades. 

SaaS has many benefits and offers unprecedented flexibility. All you need to access SaaS is an internet connection and a PC because the solution is cloud-based. Companies and their employees get top-notch software at a fraction of the total cost via monthly subscriptions. SaaS developers get to create enterprise-level solutions and receive continuous funding for updates and further innovations. 

In the current era of remote work and reduced budgets, SaaS is clearly the perfect solution. 

SaaS examples that we know and love 

SaaS is everywhere, from our office CRM system  (Salesforce and HubSpot) and the project management software we use at work (ClickUp) to the portal where we sign our contracts (DocuSign).  

But SaaS is not only applied in the corporate world. Donorbox is a popular cloud-based fundraising software that helps people manage their donation campaigns for good causes. DropBox which so many of us use to share photos and videos from vacations is also a SaaS. And if you’d like to start your own online store and sell hand-made products or anything else, the chances are you will go to another SaaS giant – Shopify to set it up. 

Features that an enterprise SaaS needs

When building a SaaS, companies must pay attention to the following functionality:

  • Security measures. It is a must for all solutions, but especially those that store large amounts of client data in the cloud. 
  • Auto updates. It is the best way to ensure all users receive the best experience. 
  • Scalability. More an architectural structure than a feature, but scalability is what will support your solution’s growth. 
  • Straightforward integrations. Your SaaS has to work with other popular products even if you build their alternatives too. 

How to make a good SaaS product 

There are thousands of SaaS out there, but not all of them are equally good. Here is what you need to keep in mind if you are about to start developing your own SaaS product.  

Design matters

Good UI/UX design is as important as the feature range. If your products are not fun to use and they require complex training – you won’t succeed. Users don’t want to struggle and will swap you for a competitor in a second. 

Keep these principles in mind and you will be ahead of most SaaS developers: 

  • Simplicity and intuitivity are key.
  • User research before anything else. 
  • Feedback loops to test ideas. 


Users and businesses choose SaaS for the flexibility it provides. They should be able to access your solution 24/7 no matter where they are, but also on any device or platform they choose.

Hopefully, your SaaS will blow up and users from all over the world will be logging into your solution. Some of them will use iOS, others will have Android or Windows. And there’s a big chance that part of your target audience will have old PCs and smartphones that you wouldn’t initially consider in your development process. 

Make sure your solution is usable on most devices and platforms and provides a consistent experience across all the different options.

Keep it simple from the start 

Just as when meeting new people, first impressions matter a lot when we’re trying out new solutions. That’s why your sign-up page and the onboarding process will set the tone for the entire experience. Minimise the number of steps and the questions that you ask when someone registers with you. Make onboarding as concise as you can. 

Build an MVP 

Building an MVP is a vital part of any software development process. A minimum viable product helps test ideas and verify hypotheses early on. It will also help you make data-driven decisions about design, features, positioning on the market, and even monetisation methods.

MVPs help avoid massive investments into products that the market doesn’t want. It is a must for any company, especially those that don’t have extensive software development experience. 

Guidance and help from professionals

Getting assistance from third parties, especially at the beginning, enables companies to release SaaS to market faster, with fewer bugs, and a list of features that users are ready to pay for. It might seem like an extra cost but it is cost-saving with the right technology partner.  

Emphasoft is a technical software development company with many years of experience. Our professional team has expertise in most niche technologies and industries, and the internal workload has been tested and optimised to provide the most value in the shortest amount of time. We provide complex software development services, as well as help startups build MVPs and provide consulting services around the product build.. Reach out to us today and we will help turn your SaaS into a worldwide sensation. 

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