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What Is The Role Of DevOps Engineer In IT Development

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A DevOps engineer introduces processes, tools, and methodologies to balance requirements throughout the software development life cycle, from coding and deployment, to maintenance and updates.

Despite the fact that the developers and other departments in an IT-company should be working toward common goals, such as delivering an excellent product, situations may arise where something goes wrong due to a lack of clear communication. Operations managers are responsible for a service or an app's reliable performance, but with rapidly changing business demands, developers sometimes modify or adapt functionality in ways that threaten a product’s stability. A DevOp engineer is the link in the team who maintains the balance between stability and adaptation.

Who Are DevOps Engineers 

Broadly speaking, DevOps is not really a specialisation. It is more of a defining philosophy or a management culture in IT. This methodology requires every team member to be accountable for not only their responsibilities but also for the final product. As problems arise, they must be addressed by the entire team, without exception. A DevOps engineer is the person who upholds the principles of this methodology and commitment to this culture.

What the DevOps engineers do

The main task of a DevOps engineer is to manage all parts of a project to ensure a product performs as it should without any bugs. At the same time, the DevOps engineer must also make sure the product's functionality can be updated as required by market trends and the company’s goals. So, a good DevOps engineer knows how to manage the development process, accounting for both business interests and team capabilities. In addition, they should have the ability to implement automatization tools as needed in a workflow.

What Are The Needed Skills

Due to the variety of the tasks which DevOps engineers face, they should have a diverse set of skills. Among them are:

– development

– knowledge of operating systems

– data management

– ability to update libraries

– leadership skills

– communications within a team skills

– knowledge of monitoring systems 

– knowledge cloud infrastructure

– ability to work with management and C-level executives

– understanding of business strategy

Business is rapidly developing, and companies are eager to invest resources for implementing new efficient approaches to generate growth. This is why  the DevOps engineer is in high demand in the IT job market. The position requires diverse skills but it provides lots of opportunities for an employee.


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