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To stay up to date on the latest technology trends, everyone should be aware of what is happening in world news. 

We asked our developers, programmers, and designers – Where do you get news?


Medium - there is everything here - innovative developments, news from the world of social networks, design trends, and the latest inventions by Elon Musk. 

In addition, each article offers the opportunity to discuss it’s contents with colleagues. On Medium, everybody can read, write, and share stories that matter. 

For example, one of the most popular articles is about why Tesla's Cybertruck might fail. 

Medium has a section for UX Collective designers. Its creators are trying to structure information about UX design, and transmit it to the community in the most easily digestible form. 


Reddit is a forum platform where people can go to find quick news updates, post links to any information they like. Reddit supports a voting system for your favorite posts - the most popular of them appear on the main page of the site. Reddit is one of the most popular sites in the world.


Hackernoon is an independent technical publication site. More than 7000 authors, who write about software development, blockchain, trends in design and development publish their articles on it. 

For example, this article is about tools you make for metrics-driven startups. At the end of this article, the author developed a quiz to help you identify what tools you need. 

In addition to articles, the site has its own podcast.


Geekflare is a news site with articles on security, development, and technology. In addition, the site has useful tools where you can check the code. And there is also a section with collections for SEO, WordPress, design, and startups. 

For example, in the design collection you can find articles «‎How to» create blog post, GIF, logo, mockups, etc. 



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