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How to Manage Remote Teams During the Quarantine

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The world braces for the impact of the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of companies are working from home. A massive experiment in telecommuting is underway. And it might linger beyond the epidemic. Remote work is the future we all must get ready for.


We want to equip you with some ideas on how to manage your team well during this enforced isolation period.


Communication and software accesses

First of all, you need to talk about remote work during the quarantine with your team, provide open access to software, and discuss how you plan on communicating. Set up chat software and open video conferencing access. Messaging allows for seamless communication between individual team members, departments, and the entire company. Different chat "channels" allow people to discuss work, brainstorm ideas, and stay connected to each other throughout the workday. Video meetings can replicate the benefits of face-to-face meetings you would have had in the office.


Team responsibilities and control system

Tell your team about individual and team tasks. It’s best to have a documented, standardized way of working out all of the documentation on authority limits, roles, and responsibilities in order to minimize any confusion.

You need to implement daily reporting systems and time trackers for your team. Without control systems, a business can fall apart. Productivity and time tracking apps will help you balance your team’s work time and track a progress. By implementing a time tracker, your employees can be more productive while working in a more comfortable environment. And you can control tasks and achieve work goals with the help of a reporting system.


Team feeling and motivation

Remote workers might miss the feeling of a company culture during the quarantine. You must create a true “team” feeling and motivate your team. When working from home it may take extra effort to keep people committed to their team. They need to know that they’re not only contributing true value to the team’s common goal; they are also valuable to the team’s success in achieving its goal. Praise your employees, talk about their successes in projects, trust them and always be available to help.


Sum up

Thanks to modern technology, you can easily manage remote teams and it's very possible for many employees to be as productive at home as they would be in the office. But remember that quarantine is not forever and, after a few weeks, your team will be able to return to work. But if your company decides that remote work is a perfect way to do business, you will be ready.


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