Internet of Things

IoT technology for remote monitoring of equipment condition

We have developed a dashboard for the system of remote control of various equipment, such as vending machines, coffee machines, ice cream refrigerators, pie warmers, placed in stores, shopping centers, and other places. This equipment has a variety of different sensors, such as, for example, temperature sensors. We needed to receive and process data from these sensors and display all the received information in a convenient and understandable for human perception form.

For these purposes, we have developed a system that allows to store and process the data from the sensors. Based on this data, it is possible to build graphs for a more graphic presentation of information about the status of devices.

In addition, the system can calculate the electric power expended by the equipment based on the obtained data. It is also possible to predict the amount of electricity needed based on data on the ambient temperature.

The dashboard provides the ability to compare the obtained indicators for different periods of time and display it in one diagram.

Technology used:

  • Django Python
  • React JS
  • Zoho API
  • Mailgun API
  • Xero API

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